Today, there are 2,994,861 Android applications accessible on the commercial center and as indicated by AppBrain, this number is just developing. The justification behind this is that Android has been representing the biggest part of the portable working framework market for the beyond seven years. In 2020, it has 74.14% of the worldwide piece of the pie and it is anticipated that this figure will keep on ascending throughout the following five years. Organizations have understood Android's true capacity and that they can reach and speak with a bigger crowd assuming that they discharge Android applications. Subsequently, they are putting progressively more in Android improvement administrations. As indicated by Stack Flood, Android is the fifth most famous innovation stage among proficient designers. Engineers express that the justification behind this incorporates effective joining and simple reception. Today, many driving organizations have their own Android advancement groups to fabricate new and imaginative applications. Worldwide organizations that utilization Android incorporate Microsoft, Viber, Google. Cry and FitBit. The absolute most famous Android applications incorporate Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Dropbox. Source:


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